Marlborough Magazine has been the region’s favourite magazine for more than a decade.

Starting off life as this&that, the magazine has morphed into a regional lifestyle magazine, focussing more on fashion, food, homes and lifestyle.

Published on high-gloss at the beginning of each month, the magazine targets predominantly women aged between 30-65 but does attract a strong number of male readers in the same age-bracket.

The magazine is a high-impact way to get your brand to your target market.

Advertisement Sizes


Advertisement Pricing

Full Page

$ 895

Per Issue

Half Page

$ 595

Per Issue

1/4 Page

$ 385

Per Issue

1/3 Page Column

$ 465

Per Issue


$ 385

Per Issue

Double Square Vertical

$ 195

Per Issue

Mechanical Details

  • A4 size: 29.7cm high by 21cm wide

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